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At times I wonder why so many people seem
unhappy with their lives. Don’t they
appreciate what they have? Are they
comparing themselves to others? Do they
have a slow Internet connection?

I think a lot of it has to do with perspective --
or the lack of it. Having proper perspective
means that you don’t worry about small
things and you don’t take your blessings for
granted. A woman with perspective isn’t
concerned that her potential boyfriend is
short, because she knows he can easily kiss
her feet. A man with perspective isn’t
concerned that his wife is overweight, because
he knows she won't put him on a diet.

However bleak our lives may seem, there's
always someone in the world who'd be
thrilled to be in our shoes. We often worry
about so many insignificant things: the score
of the football game, the number of shoes we
own, the complexion of our skin, the prestige
of our jobs, the size of our bald spots. And
we take for granted so many important things:
health, family, friendships, food, shelter, fresh
air, clean water, freedom. I  love freedom --
the freedom to pursue a dream, the freedom
to eat lots of ice cream.

But imagine a guy who’s been unemployed for
years. As he scans the employment ads, he
prays, "God, if you just give me a good job,
I’ll be happy for the rest of my life." His prayer
is answered and soon he’s earning a high
salary, praying, "God, if you just give me a
good wife, I’ll be happy for the rest of my life."
His prayer is answered and soon he’s going
shopping with his new wife, praying, "God, if
you just give me a second job ..."

Think of the poor farmer in an African village
who grows just enough corn to feed his
family. He’s happy with his life, though he
lives in a tiny hut, wears tattered clothing and
has never even heard of a remote control.
When he feels like chatting with someone, he
doesn’t get on the Net or pick up a phone. He
does something really strange -- he chats
with his neighbors. Imagine that.

Then there’s the tycoon in California
who can’t find enough ways to spend her
money. She’s unhappy with her life, though
she drives a Jaguar, plays golf with Tiger
Woods and lives on an estate that’s big
enough to host the Olympics. When she
feels like getting some exercise, she cuts her
nails herself. She's proud that her success
hasn't stopped her from getting together with
her family -- at least once a year.

Just in case you’re having trouble with
perspective, here are a few questions to

You just landed an executive position at a top
company. Do you:

(a) complain that you don’t make as much
money as Bill Gates.

(b) rejoice that you make 100 times more
money than Bill Clinton.

(c) grumble that you still can’t afford to buy a
television network.

(d) celebrate that you make enough money to
feed 20 million people in India or 20 people
in Texas.

You have a kind, generous husband who
loves you dearly. Do you:

(a) complain that he doesn’t look like Tom

(b) rejoice that he doesn’t look at other

(c) grumble that he can’t afford to buy a
television network.

(d) celebrate that his heart is bigger than his
bank account.

You've just recovered from injuries suffered
in a car accident. Do you:

(a) complain that your health insurance
wouldn't pay for lifetime whirlpool therapy.

(b) rejoice that you've regained the ability to

(c) grumble that, despite your lawsuit, you still
can't afford a television network.

(d) celebrate your good health and modest


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