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Celebrity parents need some tips
Don't bail out of marriage too soon
Married to a maiden name
Instant replay belongs in my home
Any place is a good place for a wedding
It's time for your annual dose of romance
Getting a good friend is a good move
Gossip can be hurtful, but hard to stop
Advertising can help you find a mate
Life would be strange with five wives
Mothers want the best for us
Sibling fights just aren't worth it
Loyalty has almost gone extinct
Kitchens can be unfriendly places
Men can't listen like women
Oh no, we're running late again
Father-in-law meeting was quite a trip
Perfect wedding hard to attain
Gore's kiss may propel him to White House
Married life may be easier than wedding
The Internet can help you find love
We all need more love
Interracial dating at Bob Jones U.
Adultery ought to be outlawed
Men can't compete against women
Low phone rates could boost love life
We owe a lot to our parents
Arranged Marriages Seem to Last
Men are losing control of the world
Cheap soda hurts your social life
Men need a few excuses, too
Divorces are too common
The Internet has changed dating forever
Parenting can be a daunting task
It's hard to understand love

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