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Classic political and topical columns :
The 2001 terrorist attacks on America
A terrible tragedy that's still hard to believe
Rising from the rubble: Thousands of heroes
Patriotism surges from shore to shore
Food donations may create goodwill
Drinking among the Bush clan
Alcohol lures Bush twins and other teens
The United States-China Spy Plane Standoff
Some apologies are easier than others
Bill Clinton Leaves Office
Clinton leaves a damaged legacy
Clinton turns into Harlem hero
The 2000 United States Presidential Election
Election mess brings lots of distress
Voter turnout needs to be higher
The 2000 Presidential Race
Presidential candidates are odd
Everybody wants to be a running mate
Shorter names could benefit running mates
Gore's kiss may propel him to White House
America's stuck with Gore or Bush
The Elian Gonzalez Controversy
Cuban boy should be with his dad
Elian will stay in the news
Entering a new millennium
Y2K bug may create chaos
The Monica Lewinsky Scandal
Welcome to the White House Denial Factory
If Clinton's innocent, we're guilty
Clinton should not be impeached
Partisanship has gone too far
Americans entering new era
Monica showed us a lot on 20/20

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